The Ross Memorial organ case
6kW, 32V switching PS in the Chamber
The reed organ could be easy convert to the HAUPTWERK features


The Pipe Organ Logic Wireless Link system together with the organ Control and Capture System has been developed and now is installed on several pipe organs in Western Australia, Victoria and Poland.

Our proprietary key switching system uses Hall Effect sensors, which is capable of providing Velocity and Second Touch outputs as well as simple On/Off, as required.

It with this background of experience that, Pipe Organ Logic has installed a Hauptwerk system that runs in parallel with the pipe organ at Ross Memorial Church, Hay Street West, Perth, Western Australia.

As This organ now has available two Virtual pipe organs. Stop switches were manufactured, that are engraved with the specifications of both of Virual Organs, the Cavaille-Coll organ in Caen and a modern Baroque style organ in Velesovo, Solvenia. The control system provides ‘background illumination’ indicating which of the two available organs is currently ‘loaded’.

It is planned for the near future to provide LCD indication of Stop Names when using the Hauptwerk system in organs.

The first Recital to be given at Ross Memorial will be held on December 01/18, at pm.