Console computer with Bluetooth MIDI link
Custom made multi channel amplifiers in organ chamber

Pipe Organs

Our range of services include:

• Update your pipe organ console to state of the art key switching and encoding.

• Installation of our proprietary, High Speed MIDI Wireless Link from console to pipe chamber, eliminates either cable or fibre optic connection, allowing flexibility in console positioning.

• We can re-use your existing console, and console hardware, if that is adequate for your update, or we will refurbish your console, or make a new console to your requirements.

• Hauptwerk systems will be installed with Multi-channels sound systems, simulating the pipe organ.

Virtual Organs

We can design your Virtual Organs, using the Hauptwerk pipe organ simulation software for your church , school or private home.

• We can up-date your existing console, and/or console hardware, if it is adequate,

• We can add digital ‘ranks’ to you existing pipe organ, or build an entire virtual organ using Hauptwerk,

• Installations at educational institutions can be designed and installed according to you requirements. Instruments from one manual/Continuo organs to multi manual organs of whatever ‘school’ you require.

• For Home installations, virtual organ from single manual Table Top design to AGO Consoles, built to ‘pipe organ’ standards are available.

• All Hauptwerk organs are offered with Multiple Audio channels, featuring ‘movement’ of sound that is characteristic of the pipe organ.